Ontario Brain Strategy

While NHCC as a whole is focussed on driving solutions at a pan-Canadian level , the NHCC Ontario Working Group initiated discussions to determine how Ontario  might move forward with a provincial strategy to address many of the issues identified by the brain community in Ontario. The work involved consulting with more than 350 individuals and organizations, the identification of priorities and the determination of a way forward. All this work was captured in the December 2010 report: Wired for Success: Towards an Ontario Brain Strategy

The report and recommendations did not move forward in full, but work continues on a number of the key recommendations. The Ontario Working Group is addressing care in the north, educational supports for school-aged children living with a neurological condition and more recently is beginning conversations with the leadership involved in developing an Ontario dementia strategy to see if there are synergies within our work that might advance a number of the concerns raised through the consultations.

The Ontario Working Group now has representation from the Ontario Brain Institute to advance our connection with research and the evolving neuroscience activity in Ontario. In July 2015, the Ontario Brain Institute and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences released a major report on the prevalence, incidence and costs of brain conditions in Canada. For more details, read:

To learn more about the Ontario Brain Strategy and current activities, email: info@mybrainmatters.ca