NHCC History

In 2008, a number of neurological health charities recognized a need and opportunity to work together to improve the quality of life for all persons with brain conditions, their families and caregivers. United as NHCC, the coalition – represents the voice of people with the lived experience of brain conditions in Canada.

With a research to action focus, NHCC provides leadership, evaluating and advancing new opportunities for collaboration specific to advocacy, education, research and innovation related to brain/neurological health.

In 2008, as a recently united coalition, members of NHCC met with Parliamentarians and government officials  to discuss the lack of information on neurological conditions in Canada.  In response, in 2009, the federal government committed $15 million over four years for the National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions (the Study).

The Study, developed in partnership between the Government of Canada (Public Health Agency of Canada, Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Health Canada), was the most comprehensive study of neurological conditions ever conducted in Canada.  The Study’s expansive program of research successfully engaged 130 researchers from 30 academic and non-academic institutions across Canada. In addition, approximately 177,000 Canadians with neurological conditions and their caregivers offered insight and personal experience into key areas of the Study.

Findings from the four-year study (2009-2013) were released in September 2014 in the report Mapping Connections: An understanding of neurological conditions in Canada. It provides rich new information about brain conditions in Canada. It also highlights remaining knowledge gaps and identifies areas, which, if addressed, could significantly reduce the negative impacts of brain conditions on individuals, families, health care systems and society. The study findings will be used by governments and organizations to inform programs and develop policies related to neurological conditions.

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