Change-Maker Awards

NHCC 2021 Change-Maker award winner took on racism in health care experienced by injured brother

Toronto ON – May 18, 2022: Neurological Health Charities Canada has awarded its Change-Maker Award to a young woman. who in advocating for her injured brother, took on inequities and racism in health care that stood in the way of getting the care he needed for a traumatic brain injury and then used this experience to drive greater change in the health-care system.

Receiving the 2021 NHCC Change-Maker Award for an outstanding individual is Samira Omar of Toronto. Ms. Omar’s activism was born out of her lived experience as a caregiver for her brother.

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About the Change-Maker Awards

Since 2011, NHCC has recognized outstanding contributions and leadership in inclusion, innovation and integration for the benefit of Canadians living with neurological conditions.  The initial awards presented in 2011 were focussed at organizations.  In 2013, NHCC expanded the criteria to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to benefit people living with neurological conditions in Canada. In 2022, the award criteria were further updated to ensure that individuals living with neurological conditions and caregivers can be honoured equally. Another update was the inclusion of individual health care and research professionals as potential honourees as well as organizations.

Change-Maker Awards have been presented to:


  • Baycrest Health Sciences – organization award
  • Bell Canada Mental Health Initiative – organization award
  • Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital – organization award
  • The Globe and Mail – organization award (special mention to André Picard)


  • Jim Mann, Surrey, BC – individual award
  • Ontario Brain Institute – organization award






Award categories

Individuals: Up to two awards in total may be given to individuals in any given year drawn from two categories :

  • Change-Maker Award | Individual) – individual living with a neurological condition
  • Change-Maker Award | Caregiver – caregiver of an individual living with neurological condition

Health care and/or research professionals or supportive organizations: One award may be given to a health care and/or research professional or to an organization in any given year  The recipients cannot be members of NHCC since this is an opportunity to recognize and encourage external health care and/or research professionals organizations that have demonstrated  principles and actions exemplified in the NHCC mandate, mission and vision.

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