Public Policy

NHCC advocacy day participants gather October 16-17, 2017 before meeting with MPs and Senators about the need for a Canadian Action Plan for Brain Health. See more photos here.

NHCC is dedicated to making a difference for people living with brain conditions and their families by actively advocating for key issues, such as increased research, better health and community supports, income security, health provider education and genetic fairness. As the voice of Canadians living with brain conditions through our coalition, we are working hard to improve the lives of people affected by brain conditions now and in the future.

Advocacy priority

NHCC is asking the Government of Canada to immediately commit to developing a Canadian Action Plan for Brain Health to improve the lives of  the four million Canadians living with brain conditions and their families.

NHCC has laid out a realistic roadmap to help reach this goal.

NHCC is ready to be a catalyst, convenor and collaborator to assist the Government of Canada in developing a Canadian Action Plan for Brain Health.

Details of the road map are in our position paper Driving Research to Action: Canadian Action Plan for Brain Health and in our brief to the Standing Committee on Finance: Enhancing Canada’s Productivity and Competitiveness through Action on Brain Health.

Our recommendation directly builds on the ground-breaking National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions and the final report Mapping Connections: An understanding of neurological conditions in Canada.

The Study was the most comprehensive study of brain conditions in Canada and provided new  Canadian information on 18 brain conditions.

Our successes to date

  • Secured funding for first-ever pan-Canadian study of neurological conditions
  • Co-managed study with Public Health Agency of Canada and led knowledge translation post-study
  • Post-study four more brain conditions are being tracked systematically by the Canadian Chronic Disease Surveillance System (Alzheimer’s disease/other dementias, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis
  • Strong recognition of NHCC being the voice for people living with brain conditions

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